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Who is FB Group Asia?

FB Group Asia is a team of 50 people and what makes us special are the 6 pillars of our company with expertise in Creative, Digital, Interactive, Event, Video and Music. Although it has taken us 20 years to get here, we look forward to our regional expansion and what lies ahead.

Where do you see FB Group Asia in the next five years?

We are excited about our future growth towards regional markets, most notably Singapore and Australia, and although we have just recently completed a couple of projects there, we are hungry for more and can’t wait for the next one!

What are some of the opportunities for businesses (particularly in your industry) operating across the Australian and Malaysian markets?

For a start, I’m sure we could offer a lot more value for money as some of our services and team members are based out of our HQ in Kuala Lumpur. Services like designs, websites, and videos can be done coming out of KL with our local representatives making sure that communications are seamless on the ground with our clients.

And since there are 6 pillars that we have in-house, we ensure that clients only need to liaise with one agency as opposed to dealing with a few at any one time.

What are some of the challenges faced by businesses (particularly in your industry) operating across the Australian and Malaysian markets?

There are huge differences between doing business in Malaysia and Australia. Our working culture, legal aspects, as well as way of doing business, are just some of the apparent differences between Malaysia and Australia. For example, Australia has tighter regulations when it comes to organising an event as compared to Malaysia. There are more procedures and requirements that need to be met in Australia.

Apart from legal requirements, for services such as staging, lighting, and sound equipment, it is usually integrated within the venues in Australia where venues also act as a one-stop centre for everything needed for an event, which makes it easier for basically anyone to plan their event. However, with such integration, venues in Australia usually come at a higher cost unlike in Malaysia where event companies are usually able to increase and improve their margin by providing their own equipment to be utilised with any venue they chose to host an event.

Who is the most interesting person you have met during the course of your business and networking?

Well being in the Industry for as long as we have and having started out with a music and entertainment background at an early age, we jumped at the opportunity to start organising our own shows by bringing down to Kuala Lumpur a lot of international artists such as Justin Bieber, Elton John, Andrea Bocelli, Avril Lavigne just to name a few.

In total we have brought down 20 international artists. There might not be a particular person in mind but having managed these international acts really is an experience sometimes money can’t buy.

Favourite Malaysian cuisine?

Everything! We have so much good food here it’s just unbelievable. But if I had to pick one it would be the durian.

I think the durian is a fascinating fruit that has proven that it can bring people together and I love how the experience of eating a durian can really cross cultural borders.

I remember being at a festival in Sydney and loads of locals were eating them side by side Malaysians and it was really an interesting sight to see everyone enjoying a fruit that is notorious in Malaysia and definitely one of an acquired taste.

What is one key lesson you have learned about running a business?

Plentiful. It’s important to be surrounded by the right people. Therefore hiring the right people is vital.

It’s also important as a leader to listen to everyone’s opinion first before giving yours. In today’s age with the millennials, we have to treat them as our equal and above all to be fair to everyone in our care. Taking care of your team is priority and in return you hope they take care of you. Once everyone in your team is happy at work and the output of your company is as good as it gets, then the rest will follow and clients more often than not are happy with our deliverables. Good team = happy clients 

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Phone: Tash +6013 236 1577 and Syaz +6012 294 2611

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