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Key updates on HR, Payroll and Tax Regulations

Join us at JustCo and propel your business forward with...

Empowering Business Owners Against Cyber Threats

When: 4 June 2024 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm Venue:...

Future of Innovation at the ‘FUTURE of AI’

Unlock the Future of Innovation at the ‘FUTURE of AI'...

Doing Business With Malaysia

AMBC NSW is proud to announce our upcoming business networking...

MSO x AMBC Teh Tarik Careers Talk

Australia Malaysia Business Council – NSW Chapter was delighted to collaborate with...

TMF x AMBC Doing Business in Australasia

Our exclusive joint event with TMF Group at Marriott Sydney...

Joint Business Networking Event with Indonesia Business Council

AMBC NSW successfully sold out our Joint Business Networking Event...

Joint Business Networking Event with Hong Kong Australia Business Association

Another successful networking event kicked off in collaboration with Hong...

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Since 1988

Our Core Values

Driving collaboration through missions, roundtables, and knowledge sharing

AMBC is a leading non-profit organization fostering trade, investment, and cultural exchange between Australia and Malaysia.

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We Unlock Opportunities

Connect with a diverse network of business professionals, entrepreneurs, and industry leaders from both Australia and Malaysia, fostering opportunities for collaboration and growth.

Participate in workshops, seminars, and networking events organized by the council to enhance skills, knowledge, and expertise in areas relevant to bilateral business relations.

Gain valuable insights into the Australian market, including trends, regulations, and consumer preferences, which can inform strategic decision-making and market entry strategies.

Benefit from the council's advocacy efforts aimed at promoting the interests of Malaysian businesses operating in Australia and advocating for policies that facilitate cross-border trade and investment.

Access a platform that facilitates the exploration of potential business opportunities, such as partnerships, investments, and trade relations between Malaysia and Australia.

Increase visibility and credibility within the business community through involvement in council activities, which can lead to enhanced reputation and recognition as a key player in Malaysia-Australia business relations.

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30+ years experience in business and finance consulting, IT solutions, and working with 5k+ clients over the world. Creation timelines for the digital consulting business theme 2021.

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