Publication Coordinator

Zoe, Goh


Zoe is a dedicated and forward-thinking individual currently pursuing a Master of Commerce at the University of New South Wales with a specialization in Digital Transformation and Strategy & Innovation. With a robust background in leveraging technology to drive business strategy and operational efficiency, Zoe is deeply passionate about contributing to the digital landscape. She possesses a keen analytical mind, adept at translating data insights into actionable business solutions. Zoe’s proactive approach to learning ensures she stays abreast of emerging technologies and methodologies, demonstrating her commitment to staying ahead in the rapidly evolving digital landscape.

Beyond her academic pursuits, Zoe has showcased her leadership skills through various roles, from leading transformative projects to orchestrating successful events. Her ability to work both independently and collaboratively within teams underscores her versatility and adaptability.

With a passion for excellence and innovation, Zoe is poised to make significant contributions to any organization seeking to drive forward-thinking digital solutions and product innovations. Her blend of technical expertise, strategic acumen, and leadership capabilities positions her as a valuable asset in the digital transformation landscape.